Monday, April 16, 2012


It's been an incredible thing, watching this child of mine grow into a little girl.  I see it especially clear and in-my-FACE when we are on the soccer field and she wants/needs nothing to do with me.  She follows her coaches around with the respect and admiration of a great student.  Seriously, it's probably one of the sweetest things I've ever witnessed.  She is never more than a foot away from either Coach Laura or Coach Dan (mostly Coach Dan).  She'll place herself in the middle of them and sometimes she'll casually reach up and grab the hand of Coach Dan while he's standing there.  She'll kick the ball with him, chase him, follow their directions, all the while running back to me to make sure that I've seen her accomplishments.  She yells loudly, "Mommy I did it!"  or "Mommy, Thomas did it!" (she is Thomas) or "Mommy I kicked the ball in net!"  She gets so proud of herself.

I never would have dreamed that this could be so fun.  Watching her be proud of herself and to be confident and to run around and get sweaty and be a part of a team -- seeing the way her whole little body lights up to see these two adults that barely know her -- it's a glimpse into all the people and things that are going to come her way in this life.  Gosh, I love this little girl of mine.

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