Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lake Tahoe

Here is one of my favorite pictures from our weekend at Lake Tahoe. Her two loves -- Daddy and the Bjorn. The weather was beautiful, and Vivienne could not get enough of her cousin Marley. (For example: "When she pulls your hair, that means she loves you right!?" - Marley, Age 2.5). Saturday morning we took her for an early walk in our PJ's with a cup of coffee, super bundled up because we are used to the nice, mild Bay Area weather. So is Vivienne obviously because by the end of this walk her cheeks and chin were wind-chilled/chapped pink for the rest of the weekend. She spent the rest of her time groaning at me as I BATHED her face in Aquaphor. I am seriously that mom. More pics to come, particularly of Vivienne's first experience with a jacuzzi. It didn't disappoint!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Golden Age of Infancy

Today when I took Vivienne to her (late) 6 month appointment, her doctor walked in, returned her GIANT smile, and declared, "6 months, it's the Golden Age of infancy!"  I couldn't agree more.  

This month has been like none other with Vivienne.  It's like someone turned a light on in that little head.  She is hilarious and Mitch and I find ourselves laughing out loud all the time.  Her latest is tooting in the bathtub and then looking at us and laughing about it!  I KID YOU NOT.  She is so delicious that I have to hold myself back from taking a bite out of her, all 21.5 pounds of her!  I now see why you go through 3 months of extreme torture in the beginning.  It is TOTALLY worth it!  She also has a new obsession with tags.  Any tag.  Doesn't have to be soft, and trust me, she will find it even if it's the most minuscule of tags (as witnessed in one of the photos above, she found a tag on her bloomers and she focused on it for 5 straight minutes).  I don't know why I buy her any toys.  I should just give her a big bucket of tags and call it a day.  I am loving the six month stage with her.  I sometimes look at her and I feel that I can see what she'll be like as a kid.  I mean, just this morning, after her immunizations as I was cuddling and kissing her to make it all better, she turned and looked at the nurse and SCOWLED at her.  Seriously, she SCOWLED at the nurse.  It was such a grown up expression (ahem, probably one inherited from her mother) with her little eyebrows furrowed, that the nurse and I could not do anything but bust out in hysterics!  

I also failed to mention that Vivienne is very mobile these days.  I think crawling is still a little way off yet (praise the LORD), but oh let me tell you, there are SO many other ways to be mobile.  Viv gets around!  For instance at the doctor office this morning she was all over that table while we were waiting.  No more little cherub lying there cooing at me.  She was rolling, and scooting, and inching backwards, and EATING the paper on the table.  She will grab anything in front of her with a force so strong it puts Hercules to shame.  Let's just say earrings are off limits for me now.  I could go on forever about all the cute and crazy things Vivienne does now.  There's just too many to list here.  I cannot get enough of this kid.

More from the City of Angels

U. Mason and Viv chillin'
The GORGEOUS view from our room
"Viv's Room" (so sweet)

Uncle Jay

Uncle Mason

I think I already mentioned how much fun we had in LA. Uncle Mason and Uncle Jay made our stay fabulous, as usual!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

Isabella Jo Schrobsdorff

Little Izzy!
7 lbs, 13 oz

Welcome to the world Izzy! We've been waiting for you! My friend Ellen had her little baby girl last Wednesday, and after a long and hard labor, she produced the adorable Isabella. Ellen was a trooper to say the least. Mama and baby are doing well and are tucked in at home, enjoying each others stares. She is so yummy, Mitch and I almost ATE her right there in the hospital. We got to see her first little bath, and oh my gosh, I swear I was wanting another newborn in that moment (it passed THANK GOD). We have been talking with Courtney and Ellen for months now about how Izzy and Vivi will be BFF's, so I'm sure you'll see a lot of Izzy on this blog!

Saturday, March 13, 2010



I love how Virgin America makes redheads look ORANGE!
Besides the 7 hour plus trip to LA, due to rain, our little mini break went fabulously. Thanks to Uncle Mason and Uncle Jay, who not only put us up, but welcomed us with hugely open arms. We miss you already! More pictures from our weekend to come..

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

Vivienne is literally growing up before my eyes. I know EVERYONE says that about their kids, and I know it is so damn CLICHE, but my baby is seriously getting older. She is six months old, and tonight after I gave her a bath and while I was rocking her to sleep, the tears were just streaming down my face. I couldn't control it. She was passed out with a bottle in her mouth. Out cold for the night, (or let's face it, until 2am since the last week, thank you very much TEETH) and I was just staring at her trying not to let tears drop on her little face. All I could see was a 5 year old getting prepared for Kindergarten. Where did the time go? Maybe it's because I just started work again and my time with Vivienne just became more limited. Life is a little more stressful than it was before. I miss my Toots so much during the days at work (yes, it's only been 3 days). It's not an unusual thing for me to tear up at work over the slightest mention of Vivienne, and then to be wiping my eyes while saying "It's okay! Don't pay attention to me! I just ABANDONED my baby girl, but it's OKAY! REALLY?! Go on...". They all give each other this look that says "OH LORD, here she goes AGAIN!" and then proceed to tell me in their own words how I did not abandon my baby and everything is okay. It's actually quite humiliating if I were to stop and think about it. But I don't. Stop and think about it that is.

The things I feel now are so immense that I sometimes worry that my body just won't be able to handle any more love. Like I'm all filled up. And I know that it's a wonderful thing and I'm lucky to have the opportunity to experience this kind of love, but to be honest, all I feel right now is sheer overwhelm. I guess I should change my statement to "I feel lucky to be OVERWHELMED!" The work week just started and all I want to do is climb into Vivi's crib and spoon her all night to smell her little peach fuzz head and hold on to her until morning. Anyway, internet, this is DEFINITELY a case of the Mondays...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Body parts

Mitch snapped these photos awhile back and I think they are too juicy and sweet not to share.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Month: 6

Vivienne's 6th month of life is now complete (tomorrow). Mitch and I celebrated last night for getting Viv through half of her first year. It really does feel like the blink of an eye, which I wouldn't have believed possible in those early months. Half a year! Wow. I don't have any stats yet because we haven't been to the doc, but Vivienne feels like at least 25 pounds already. She's probably not that big, but my neck and back beg to differ. I KNOW she's over 20. We'll see. Super cute and doing so many things now. What a buddy she is.

Note to Viv (if you shall ever lay eyes on this blog):
We are quite possibly the luckiest people around because of you. You make each and every day special. We are learning a lot from you, like how to be jolly about the little things. Keep growing and glowing. We love you Toots. xo