Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday / Swim Day

learning to kick

post dunk

We've been going swimming on Sundays at the neighborhood pool.  It's called Martin Luther King Jr. pool and it's beautiful.  It's also FIVE dollars for adults, ONE dollar for children.  For reals.  Some days we have the pool to ourselves, the whole pool!  Vivienne loves the water.  I am so proud of her every time I watch her dunk her little head in and come up with a great big smile.  This is no surprise to us, she has loved dunking water on herself in the bath for some time now.  But to see her tiny body in a giant pool with her daddy, and see her being so brave, I get this cheesy grin the whole time I am there.  She spends the car rides home doing the "more" sign so she can get back in.  We have a little swimmer on our hands I think, even though every time I put her in the pool she acts like she is going to die, and then about literally 2 seconds later she is screaming with joy. 

Next week I will be getting in the pool.  Time to look at Boden or jcrew for a new suit.  Mine are at least 6 years old, and can I just say things don't sit in the same places after you have a baby.  At least on my body they don't.  Also, my lack thereof in the top department may as well have me looking in the boys section for swim trunks.  I kid, but it's definitely not an ego boost that's for sure.  But I am sucking it up!  My not so comfortableness in the water and my fear of showing off my bright white body, and I am diving in!  Vivi has definitely taught me that, to be courageous.  I love our Sunday routines.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

What I've been up to

I've been at my brother and sister-in-law's house since Monday night, helping out with my niece(s) and just being around in general to snuggle and give support!  They just had a baby, as you'll recall.  Here is a glimpse of what's been going on around these parts.  The adorable ballerina/fairy/princess is our niece Marley.  It has been my incredible pleasure to get to spend these last few days with her.  We've spent our days playing puzzles, running errands (gotta love Target), getting treats (Starbucks mini donuts), going to the park and playing chase, playing dress up with her 15 different princess costumes, and anything else a 3 year old does.  Lyla is pretty adorable as well in all her 2 week old glory!  Mitch and Vivi finally joined me Wednesday morning, as I decided to stay a bit longer and just couldn't do without Vivienne anymore.  It worked out because Mitch is on sabbatical and can pretty much work from anywhere, although he ended up playing 3D princess puzzles most of the time.  It's been great spending this time with them and while I'm ready to get home and kiss my kitties, I'm already missing them very much.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The mullet crab monster

Viv has discovered the hot mitts in the kitchen and has taken to putting them on her arms and doing her "turn in circles until I'm dizzy" dance.  Awesome.

Title comes from Mitch, thank you very much my love.  The other night I accidentally called her Meatloaf.  And yesterday when we were all huddled on the couch Mitch broke out in an inspired version of Every Rose Has It's Thorn.  We can't help it, it's like constantly being surrounded by 80's butt rock!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Randall Museum

The great thing about having Mitch home for a sabbatical has been that he can go with Vivi and I on our city adventuring.  The other day we decided to tour the Randall Museum, and can I just say WOW.  It's free, with the exception of donations (support the arts people!), the view is outstanding and almost 360 degrees, and it is geared towards toddlers and little kids.  There is a huge parking lot, and it almost feels hidden.  All of the exhibits are native to San Francisco - the wildlife, ecosystems, trains, and arts are all things you would encounter in the city.  Amazing.  We had a blast.  Such a lovely discovery/gem. 

My favorite part was the fact that it is clearly an old elementary school or something, and if you go poking around the hallways you see old classrooms from the 50's, old science labs, dusty closets, you get the idea.  Such a perfect setting for a great zombie flick or Stephen King novel, complete with lots of fog on top of the hill.  I can hear and see Mitch rolling his eyes at that last statement.  I have this thing where I always think about zombies wherever I go.  ALWAYS.  What would I do if they suddenly stormed the place (not that zombies can really storm a place, they are rather slow)?  It's my thing, I can't help it.  I'm secretly working on a zombie novel.  Tangent alert (as if I haven't already digressed)!  I have a friend I met through my previous job at Stanford who totally got me.  Not only did she get me, she had her own version of zombies as well!  It was a match made in heaven, and with all the secret passageways and hallways and dark, dank rooms of the Stanford libraries, we had many a fun moment imagining whole scenarios of zombie packed action!  Oh, those were the days!

Phew!  Sorry.  Go to this museum, it is totally worth it and zombie free!

What a good sport

He can also fit himself into a lunch bag, play dutch oven under the covers, play chase with Vivienne, sleep mostly all day long on the DVR player.  He also knows how to tilt one ear down, leaving the other up, and has the cutest little fang.  I'm telling you, this cat is a catch!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Today I feel like a bad mom...

It has been one of those weeks that I'm finally admitting out loud.  I don't talk about my pain issues on here because let's face it, it's boring.  Plus, I'm sick of it.  Let's just say though that it's been a sucky week for pain, and I'm having one of those periods where I don't feel like being positive about it and looking at the silver lining.  I feel like shouting and crying and spending a week in my bed with the covers pulled over my head.  Not really conducive behavior for a Mommy and a Wife.  Yes, those words are capitalized ON PURPOSE.  Sometimes they feel like definitions instead of adjectives.  The people I always end up feeling guilty about are Mitch and Vivi.  They deal with the brunt end of my snappiness (mostly Mitch).  I know this is not easy.  I am admitting this.

I've been less than a super patient mommy this week.  I've lost my temper a few times.  I've raised my voice more times than I care to admit.  I've looked forward to bed time a little too much.  But I know that this will pass, and I'm going to give myself a break -- forgive myself.  Next week will be better.  I'll have more patience and I'll snuggle more.  I'll take care of myself a little more.  I'm very glad it's Friday.

In happier news, Vivi goes poop on the potty now!  Twice now.  It's almost a regular thing for her to go to the bathroom before her bath now.  She grunts and knows the sensation (TMI, I know), she points and wants to wipe and flush.  I'm thinking about starting the potty training, for real.  Oh boy.  I'll definitely need to start on a week that has more capacity for patience ;)

I'd love to hear about everyone's weeks (the few people that actually read this blog :).  Hope they were a little better than mine!


*note: I never post naked baby pictures on here but figured it doesn't show much with this ShakeIt feature.  However, please do not copy or use these photos (it should go without saying I know, but there we have it).

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Three Generations (technically four, minus one)

Me, Vivienne, and my Nonna/Vivienne's Great Nonna, having lunch, celebrating a new baby girl on the scene!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

This past weekend was both exhilarating and exhausting (and I'm not even the one who gave birth).  We finally met our sweet little niece, Lyla Claire, and she is amazing.  After a tough c-section that lasted almost 2 hours, both mama and baby were in each others arms and resting happily.  Kudos to my sister-in-law, she is a trooper to say the least.  My brother couldn't look happier or more proud of his little clan, and well, it was one of those all over incredible times where you can't soak up your family enough to be satisfied.  Our nearly four year old niece became a big sister, and to watch her go through this transformation is heart wrenching.  It is quite an adjustment I think, adding another sibling and child to the family.  Especially when your daughter was the first grandchild in the entire family, and has pretty much been the center of all of our love for four years (until my girl came on the scene to steal some attention).  She has handled all of it, and the past few days, with nothing short of grace and humor.  She is so happy and proud of her sister "Lyla, that I NAMED HER AUNTIE!"  She wears her Big Sister tee shirt in the photos above and eagerly poses so that we can capture the moment.  She worries sweetly about her mommy and wants to see her in the "special room" to "make sure she is ok, ok, Auntie?"  This child is a true delight.  It was so fun to spend four days distracting her and taking turns juggling her around and feeding her ice cream and answering her questions and giving her tons of love and kisses.  It's a tough job but someone's got to do it ;).  Uncle Mitch even built a princess puzzle with her at my dad's house.  In 3D.  That is how much we love her -- we go along enthusiastically with all things princess!

Needless to say we're back home just in time for Valentine's Day.  I'm feeling like San Francisco is 2000 miles away from Sacramento (instead of 2 hours) and I'm missing out on major giggles and coos.  I'm thankful that my sister-in-law is home, and safe, and happy (albeit tired and emotional and down right freaking out at the prospect of 2 kids).  If anyone can handle the adjustment with ease, it's her. 

It seems apropos to celebrate love's holiday today, right after the birth of a new family member.  Happy Valentine's Day.  I hope it is a good one.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Then There Were Three gets a makeover

And becomes TEAM DUB!  I've been talking about it and finally got around to it.  There are a lot of times the name Weathers gets shortened to "Dub" in this family.  Mitch becomes MW, Jim or Virginia become J or VW, and well, I just really like it.  Also, the word can mean making a remix or recording of something (which I guess this blog does with our life).  According to Urban Dictionary it also means 20 inch rims.  Word.

So here we go, a new name for a new year.  I hope to see a lot of action on Team Dub in the coming months!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Early Valentine's package

Lyla Claire Marin
Born February 10, 2011 (in the morning)
9lbs, 13oz
Beautiful, sweet, cuddly, huge!
Welcome to the world, sweet niece.  We fell in love with you the moment we met you.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Coolest shoes in the world...

Vivienne scored a pair of Toodee Vans, and she couldn't be more pleased with life right now.  I think I've mentioned how obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba she (ahem, we) are.  Toodee being her favorite!  I honestly didn't think she would get so excited in the car that the screaming didn't end until we reached the garage.  It was like watching myself some 20+ years ago at my first concert, New Kids On The Block.  Come on now, before you judge, I was 12 years old!  I had such a crush on Donnie Wahlberg.  Wow, I'm starting to creep myself out.  I promise my taste in music has only gotten better, no offense to the die hard NKOTB fans out there.  Hangin' Tough!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter in California

Super Bowl Sunday

post bath snuggle
We aren't really Super Bowl people in this house (gasp!, I know).  And it's sacrilegious too because Mitch's dad and entire family really are Packers fans.  Like, serious Packers fans.  Hopefully I spelled Packers right.  Anyway, we caught the last hour of it, or so.  Vivi has been going crazy at night, like an overtired comedian/feral animal.  It's so entertaining.  We spent today at the beach, (and got some great pictures I will share later) and she refused to put any clothes on after we got home.  It started out sad (because we canceled a trip to Santa Barbara due to sick/teething child) but all in all, a really fabulous weekend.  Hoping everyone else enjoyed theirs as well.

Go Packers!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

17 months

Note to Vivienne:

Dear Tootie,

You are an amazing little thing, getting bigger and brighter every moment.  Your hair has really started to get long and wavy, and I have to say, I'm pretty proud that it is exactly the color of mine.  There isn't a place we go that you don't get a comment about how beautiful your hair is, how it shines, how it's the perfect red, and the compliments go on and on.  You have no idea at this point.  Truth be told, you'll probably hate it before you appreciate it -- I know I did.  It's a funny thing seeing your beautiful hair every day, admiring it as your momma, seeing it as uniquely yours.  It's stunning.  Being your mommy is nothing I thought it would be.  It's so so much more, and completely unexplainable.

I love you Vivi.  You're almost a year and a half (somehow more unsettling to me than you turning one)!


What we do: Friday nights

One of my New Years resolutions (to myself, because I don't make resolutions) was to get this blog going to its full potential.  That means a post every day.  I've already failed, thus why I hate resolutions.  It's never too late to start over though!  I'm going to implement some new features -- one being a "what we do" series, along with a few other things up my sleeve.  I'm also changing the name of the blog and I'd love opinions!  Right now, my vote is for TeamDub.  We often call ourselves the "W's" in the Weathers family (pronounced "dub").  So I'm excited for all of the changes coming up, and for the continued creative outlet.  I'm equally thankful to all who read and follow along on this blog, and have given me such gracious and complimentary feedback, both strangers and people I know.  I'm glad my little corner of the world brings some pleasure.  So, without further ado, this is what we do on a Friday night:

Firkin Fridays:  The Speakeasy Brewery

We've found an amazing little treasure in The Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco, where we have our abode.  It's the Speakeasy Brewery which is located 3 blocks from our house!  On Friday evenings for happy hour they open the brewery to the public and serve beer on tap.  You purchase poker chips as tokens for beer (we always have poker chips laying around the house now), there is free popcorn (my weakness) and a local Mexican restaurant comes in and serves great food.  My choice last night were the potato and cheese, and spicy chicken taquitos, for a dollar each.  So good!  The best part about this place, and it's hard because there are a lot of great things, is the kid/baby friendliness of it.  Vivienne loves this place.  We've met some really cool families there and Viv always ends up outside on the patio with a bunch of sidewalk chalk while we drink our beer.  It's open from 4 until 9pm, you can bring your own jugs to fill up, and it's just an all around good time with a great atmosphere.  I'll try to get better pictures next really is fabulous and a perfect Friday night with a toddler if you want to get a few beers on and walk home!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Vivi has had the saddest/most feral little face I ever did see lately.  Something major has been stirring up in her gums, not sure if it's molars or not, but they are taking their sweet time.  Add a little cold to this, and there you have it: her face is constantly wet.  She runs around with her mullet all tangled and greasy and from snot, giving us stink eye.  Of course, I think it's  pretty cute.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Waiting for Lyla

We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our new niece, Lyla.  She's coming into the world on February 10th, if she decides to stay in that long!  This makes niece number two for us, and there hasn't been a night gone by in the last week when we haven't talked about how excited we are.  I'll post a picture of her big sister Marley -- who is probably more eager than any of us.  I know it will be a lot of changes for her, but she is so loving and patient with Vivienne, and always wants to be a helper.  She will be an amazing big sister!  Come on out Lyla, we're all here waiting to witness your first breaths!

*Pictures of Lyla to come!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The next best thing

Oh, yes I did, buy this monstrosity of a toy for Vivi today at Toys R Us.  We've been wanting to get her more toys for the backyard, particularly a climbing structure with a slide.  But when I went shopping and actually saw what was in our price range, well let's just say, this is the best I could do.  A fire engine blow up thing-a-ma-bob with plastic balls and, um, an inflatable steering wheel!  The best part about it was the fact that her hair had static cling the entire time she was in this thing.  Vivienne loved it, so mission accomplished.  She needed cheering up this afternoon -- she's cutting molars and I think getting a cold.  Besides almost passing out from blowing this thing up, I'd say it was worth it!