Thursday, June 30, 2011

She's a big girl now

For some reason, today at the park, Vivienne looked so grown up to me.  I kept having these visions of a soon-to-be time where I won't be chasing her around the playground anymore making sure she doesn't fall backwards off of the big kid structure (because it's ALL about the big kid play structure these days).  I think the reason she looks this way to me, is that she actually is getting very grown up in her almost 22 months.  We are literally 8 weeks away from a birthday party.  Amazing.  I've been working on a birth story that feels so fresh in my mind, yet my baby is almost two.  I am starting to accept this new phase of independence and tantrums, mainly because they are overshadowed by so much love and cuddles and intent expressions and words.  Words! 

Life is so good right now, and it hasn't always been a cakewalk.  Mitch and I are always working to grow and love each other for who we are, and I'm super thankful for all of it.  The great and not so great times, the arguments (and therapy sessions, ha!).  You know that feeling you get when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, you feel so happy on the inside?  Everything could be falling apart around you and still, the feeling of contentment is so strong?  It feels like a Christmas morning that keeps on going.  I'm in one of those right now, and I'm totally aware of it.  

I think I'll savor it for awhile, because I know that all too quickly life will take a turn and this warm and fuzzy space will be invaded by "stuff".  (It's okay though, it just makes these moments in your life even clearer.)  I'll sign off before this post becomes way too cliche.  I can't help it -- life is good!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Didactic Group

Hey Everyone,

This is a quick note to let you know that the man in my life has his own blog, and it is AMAZING.  It is not at all style/mama/life related, but still totally worth the read, especially given that a lot of my readers have children going into school soon.  He gets to talk about his passion: education.  I think it rocks (yes, I am biased) but no it really does!

Seriously, if you're at all interested in changing education in this nation, or reading about the thoughts of someone who can and will, this blog is for you:


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

M is for Mama!

This was one of the framed pictures I received for Mothers Day.  Precious!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Nieces!


I thought I'd post a little update of my adorable nieces.  They are, of course, the best.  Lyla is 4 months old, SNORTS, and is a clone of my brother.  Clone.  No joke.  She is adorable!  Those cheeks!  Did I mention she SNORTS?  She does!  She is just now turning into a little baby, and we are loving getting to know her little self.

Marley is 3 and a half (and change), going on 10.  The kid can outwit just about anyone, so watch yourself around this one.  She is also SEVERAL shades darker than her Auntie (yes, I'm jealous).  She is a fabulous big cousin, and is always looking out for her younger niece Viv.  She once told me her favorite store was Nordstrom, not kidding.  This girl has more energy than any person I have ever met, truly.  Also, more heart.

Suffice it to say that I love them dearly (as do Uncle Mitch and Vivi...!)


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Partners in Crime

Happy Fathers Day to the man that defines "Father" for my Toots.  I've said it before, but Mitch is an exceptionally good Daddy.  I always knew he would be, but he has exceeded my expectations in the best way possible.  This is the one day where I'm actually supposed to shout it out to the world how much I see his abilities, and I like this ceremonial thanks.  I am so thankful for the relationship Vivi has with her Daddy.  They are truly partners in crime.  She's got his face shape, his feet, his gentle spirit.  When she wants to feel safe or adventurous she calls for her Dada.  The pictures above are just some of their little adventures.  From the day she was born, until this very moment, they've been a pair.  I sometimes feel like the odd man out in the family (even our cat prefers Mitch most of the time, despite me being the one that supplies treats aplenty), and I couldn't care one bit!

Happy Father's Day my love.  You are the best.


Sunday, June 12, 2011


Mitch pulled out his harmonicas the other day and gave them to Viv, who threw them up to her mouth and started playing like she's been doing it for years.  The two of them have been playing music together recently, he on the guitar and she dancing and playing her drum or harmonica.  I recently was "gilty" and purchased the mini accordion and bells from  They are so beautiful and the accordion is so accurate to a regular sized instrument.  She has a hard time pulling and pushing it right now, so I put it away for now.  The bells she LOVES and they have such a pretty sound.  This girl loves music.  People who know her tell me all the time that she naturally keeps a rhythm and is drumming and dancing any chance she gets (I think she gets her musical inclinations from my dad, who taught himself the accordion, and has a beautiful voice ;).  Oh, did I mention this is the post where I BRAG?! 

It's a good reminder for me to fill her life with music.  She adores it.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

"She is AMAZING"

Pictures and quote by my DAD, Vivi's NONO (as she loves to say).  It never gets old having your parents tell you how AMAZING your baby is.  I'm feeling really thankful for such great grandparents in Vivienne's life that love her so much.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What Vivi's been reading 
This is the book Vivi and I have been reading at night for the past week or so: More More More, Said The Baby, by Vera B. Williams.  She always wants to read this, along with Freight Train (which I hope some of you bit the bullet and purchased that book, it's a winner).  I do love this book.  At first it wasn't my favorite as it felt a little boring, but the repetition proved to be magical for Viv so I've come around.  It's three stories in one book and we have the board book version, which even though we have moved on to paperback books, Vivi still loves all her old books just the same.  Each story is centered around the caregiver doing something funny with the toddler/baby, and the baby wanting more of it.  It's actually really adorable.  If you have a toddler you know that this story is all too true.  You can never do something just one time!  I would definitely invest in this book.  It's mature enough to grow with her as well. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Docs and hoo-hoos

These pictures were sent to me today while I was having trigger point injections in my neck and shoulder.  Awesome.  It's round two for me and the quest to be pain free (er, have manageable pain).  Pain free is probably not an option for me.  I say this with a smile, really.  Having trigger point injections is kind of cool.  I have the best doctor who completely reminds me of Dr. House (without the asshole, and not hot) - brilliant, quirky, odd bedside manner.  He's happy with my progress, and at this point the only thing he does not know about me is my social security number.  He may even know that, I'm not sure.

It's super comforting when you're sitting, waiting for an appointment that you know is going to hurt a little, and you get a couple of pictures of your daughter running barefoot through the nasty San Francisco streets.  In her pajamas.  But look how excited she looks!  I absolutely adore these photos and the happiness she exudes in them.  It was the perfect waiting room anecdote.  I normally HATE the doctors office, but somewhere between the 'pushing a baby out of your hoo-hoo' and the 'constant poking and prodding of all the pain classes and appointments', I've grown quite fond of them really.  It feels like a second home.  All modesty is gone.  It's like going to the salon at this point.  (Alright I'm lying, I still hate it, albeit I hate it A LOT less...).

I'm still fussing around with Typepad.  It ain't easy trying to teach yourself computer coding.  The little bit I do know (emphasis on little) has gotten me nowhere.  I'm seeking outside help in the form of ex-colleagues/friends who are willing to give up their free time to fix me up a website!  All of this to say it will be a little while longer until I'm ready to unveil, if you will.  Oh, the suspense!

As always, and on a serious note, thank you to all who stop by and follow this story of mine.  I really do appreciate all the support and encouragement I get from people for this here beauty of a place for me to put too much information blog.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


This little face can make my day go from "whatever" to "the best day ever".  I love love love this little Tootie.  Today she learned how to "spoon" with Mama.  It's the best.  We watched a little too much television today, as Mama is sick (Daddy had her the first half of the day while I slept..thanks Mitch).  This afternoon we finally got outside and she played on her slide and grabbed the hose and tried to spray me - thus the evil grin!  You all should get yourselves one of these toddlers, they are to die for..

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yesterday, in pictures

V wearing: shoes-Superga, jeans- Gap skinny, shirt-Serendipity, jacket-Australian online shop (can't remember)  

These are all blurry, but cute nonetheless.  I am going to try my best to remember to bring my better camera from now on - it's a goal of mine to take better pictures of Toots.  I rely too much on my trusty iphone and I do not have the new one, so NO FLASH.  Bummer.  We spent the rainy afternoon at Recess Urban Playground which was a blast, and finished the day off with some playdough. 

holding hands