Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We are home.  We, meaning Viv and I, just spent the last 5 days at my dad's house having all sorts of fun and getting up to all kinds of mischief.  It was so nice to be with family, but equally nice to get home!  I've missed my man and my bed (almost equally ;).  Vivi was so jazzed and hyped up to see her daddy that she spent last night running around the house like a crazy person screaming and dancing and "going crazy" as we call it in our house. 

We had our traditional pizza night last night as well.  It's a tradition we have, that we wanted to start as soon as Viv could eat with us, and we love it!  It's usually Friday nights, but we improvised.  Mitch's homemade pizza, beer and wine, salad.  That's it.  This weeks menu was half salami and black olive (a mama favorite), half ham and black olive (we had ham in the fridge), olive oil sauce and cheese.  Can I just say, the man can make a pizza!  So good.  This video is what Vivienne thinks of pizza night.

And yes, because you asked, I am BEYOND exhausted.  Tired doesn't even come close.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


We just found these videos on Mitch's phone and I had to share.  We had no idea she was recording us (mostly herself).  She's saying "cheese" in one of them.  We often give her my iphone to play with in the car on long trips.  Oh who's kidding, I give it to her on short trips as well!

Enjoy :)


It happened quite by accident, but Vivi got to eat fresh blackberries this weekend at her Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Mitch and his dad stumbled upon the blackberry bush that has been neglected (according to G and G) and found thousands of berries!  We had a blackberry feast and Mitch even made a crisp for dessert that night.  They were actually quite beautiful, and Grandma made fun of her son for taking a ton of pictures of berries.  He is a city boy after all :)


(oops, forgot to include V's outfit details)
On Viv:
sundress / Munster kids
sandals / Salt Water

Friday, July 15, 2011


I think I've mentioned on here that Viv was officially diagnosed with asthma.  Since I have it as well, I'm not so freaked out about it, and I'm pretty well equipped to handle it (I'm used to it).  It's still sad to see your little babe suck on an inhaler for a chance at a clear breath.  For the sake of documentation, and because it's adorable, here's a little clip of Viv in all her glory with her Aerochamber meds. 

Side note:  Even though she looks almost bored in this video, don't be fooled.  The first few times we had to do it she clawed right through my skin and knocked everything on her dresser to the floor as I pinned her to the table.  I wish I were kidding.  We do this several times a day, and will continue to do so for 5 weeks, so that her airways will become clear again.  I think she finally just gave in.

Enjoy (and EXCUSE the hand that so casually pulls my shirt down...you can't see anything)


From top to bottom:  Mitch made me homemade pizza (best husband ever), and my favorite kind - salami and olive / Breakfast date with daddy / Eating eggs (on her date w/dad) / Super Miss Superhero (Gabba reference) / Necklace building champion!

We've had a rough couple of days.  Momma's been sick with the worst chest cold ever (what, me, have a chest cold?)  It sucks butt.  Mitch has been doing a lot of one on one time with Tootie and letting me rest.  He even made homemade pizza one night (I had a hankering)!  We are also in full throttle Superhero birthday mode. Yes it's in September, but I'm super excited to plan and think up all the little details that go into her special day.  I always had a huge birthday party growing up.  I looked forward to it all year long.  There was always a theme and every detail was meticulously thought out.  My mom loved to throw parties, and mine were no exception.  So it's in my blood, so to speak, to have birthdays be a really big deal.  Plus, my baby is turning two!  Oh, there will be sharing along the way I'm sure, and pictures of the big day of course.

The next biggest thing in our house lately has been building necklaces, bracelets, rings, you name it.  I can't believe how good Vivi has gotten at making these things.  She is at the point now where she can make her own necklace from start to finish.  It's a great thing to do for fine motor skills, and honestly, she has blown me away with her skill!  It's lovely to have big cousins around to introduce you to such games! 

Anyway, we are off this weekend, so probably not much blogging going on.  I hope it's a restful one for you all -- and that this pesky chest thing I have will finally go away!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011


My dad and his magic tricks!


An afternoon with Daddy.  While I slept this afternoon, Mitch and Viv had some time in the garden.  He put on HER favorite sweatshirt (holes in the thumbs) and HIS favorite pants (80's hot pink) and someone added the do-rag.  These two crack me up!

Watch as Viv loves on herself....


Monday, July 11, 2011



Too many cute shots not to include.  Apologies for the blurriness.


We are officially on the countdown to 2 YEARS OLD!  My mind is beyond blown that my baby girl is so grown up.  The last month has been NUTS (and I feel like I say this every month now).  So much news that I am waiting to share for another post, as this one is all about TOOTIE!

Note to Vivi:

Dear Viv,

You are growing up right before our eyes.  We are definitely in the "terrible two's", however, they are not so terrible.  You most certainly have opinions and want to do everything yourself.  Especially getting yourself dressed.  You've even started to pick out your own outfits which I lightly direct ;).  We just got back from the doctor's office today, and it's official you have asthma.  We are on a steroid inhaler for about 5 weeks, and your rescue albuterol inhaler (one that we already had) for a few weeks as well.  This persistent cough you've had was the indicator.  I felt sad, until daddy reminded me it's on his side too, so then I felt not so responsible :).  Otherwise, you don't even notice that your lungs are a bit crinkly and you cough a lot.  The only thing you HATE is your aerosol, canister thing.  Should be fun!

Life before you feels unmeasurable.  You're my buddy, my love, my inspiration.  Keep on growing and filling our days with happiness just by being you!

ps - sorry about missing 21 months, it's been nuts as I said!

[Vivi's outfit]:  (few and far between I know...) 
leggings, Go Gently baby
shoes, Minnetonka

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Photos courtesy of my dad / Vivi's Nono.  Thanks DAD!

Monday, July 4, 2011


The mister and I got to go out for happy hour yesterday when my in-laws were in town.  It was perfect!  We also did the same the other day when we were spending time at my dad's for his birthday.  It sure has been nice to spend some time just with Mitch!