Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Vivienne is down and out, AGAIN.  I finally felt like we were just getting over dealing with her previous sickness/flu thing...and then two days ago she came down with another virus.  Mitch has been carrying one around for going on 3 weeks now, and today it felt like a golf ball is lodged in my throat -- so it looks like I get to join the club.  It's the season, I know, but I am so over it.  These last few weeks have been mentally and physically a bit rough for me.  Between the Christmas preparations (which I love) and the shopping for gifts (hemorrhaging money), the pain flare ups with my stupid neck and the working nonstop every chance I get (and barely making my deadline this week) this mama is one wiped out woman.  Add to that a sick toddler who needs to be held all night long, and you've got a perfect storm for a meltdown. 

I know it will all pass.  This time of year is so lovely and so hard all at the same time.  I always get a little blue this time of year, even though it's my favorite.  It's hard not to think about my miscarriage.  About how I should be a few months away from a delivery to a baby that wasn't meant to be.  I had such different plans for this Christmas.  Not better, just different.  Anyway, I may be absent here a little while longer as I take some time to recharge and refocus.

I am so excited to have our first Christmas at home this year, just the three of us.  I may have ordered a pancake pen from William Sonoma just for the occasion!  Viv and I have a lot of sugar cookies to make for Santa in our near future, and speaking of Santa (tangent alert)...Vivienne has still never been to see Santa.  Nope!  Never sat on his knee.  I know it's as American as apple pie, but I have always found it incredibly creepy and weird - going to a mall, putting my kid on some old man's lap only to see them scream with terror.  But who knows, maybe she would like it?  Have I been depriving her of a great experience?  I think this is the year where we/I break down and do it.  Only the pictures will be able to tell if it was worth it or not!


Sunday, December 11, 2011


Last week's play date.  The Randall Museum with Julian!



The tree's been up for about two weeks now, along with stockings and the rest of the Christmas cheer.  I am completely behind on blogging.  Our local tree lot wasn't up this year, so we went to a place with a bit more flair and had a blast.  Mitch did his traditional "real man" pose --  carrying the kid and the tree to the car.  I wonder how long we'll be able to pull that off!

I can't believe Christmas is in two weeks..

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Last week Vivienne went to see The Velveteen Rabbit, her first ballet.  It was 75 minutes long, with one intermission.  We went with my friend Glory and her son Julian.  Glory and I went with a relaxed attitude and the intention of leaving if the kids simply couldn't handle it, but they did great!  There were a few potty trips and a couple of "let's use our whispering voices" but all in all it was a complete success!  It was so fun seeing the look on my daughter's face when the curtain rose and the music started, and the beautiful rabbit danced out onto the floor.  Even though the story is a bit mature for her she surprised me with how engaged she seemed to be.  It also helped that it was a matinee show and a theater filled to the brim with kids -- a very understanding and patient audience. 

I can't wait to do this every year.  As we walked back to the car through the hustle and bustle of the festive city, Vivi's hand in mine, it struck me how I was experiencing a first of many with my little babe.  My little babe who picked out every lit up Christmas tree to point out to me on the street.  My little babe who is not so little anymore.  The girl who picked out her own red "fancy pretty shoes!" and pushed the elevator buttons all by herself.  Who carried her own little pack full of snacks. 

It was one of those "aha" moments, realizing that I am actually getting to do some of the things that I have only before dreamed of doing.  How lucky I am.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Vivienne's drawing of Grandma.  A striking resemblance if I do say so myself!  Especially given the artist is only two years old!
*I will note that Viv did this entire picture on her OWN...with no help from either of us.

Monday, November 14, 2011


It's been a little quiet over here at Team Dub as Mama's been a little overwhelmed with regular old life stuff.  I'm surprised at how quickly this little spot gets neglected, as I really do love keeping it regularly populated and "up to speed" so to speak.  Between a busy household (read: preschool hunt among other things), and working every spare minute that Vivi is asleep -- my down time is literally non-existent.  Mitch has been traveling and working a TON, which is so great for him/us (but a little tiring on the Mama :).  It's all good.  And today I got my second red Starbucks holiday cup of the season (first one when my dad was visiting), which makes me very happy.  I am going to go ALL OUT for Christmas, and may even get two trees, who knows?!  Is it kosher to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving?

These are some pictures of our new routine of late.  We get treats and coffee and then walk through dog poo park.  V loves it...


Friday, November 4, 2011


I know it's over and done with, but here's a picture of Buzz Lightyear.  Farewell Halloween, see you in 2012!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


It's November, the month for thanks.  I figured I'd start now, and not wait until Thanksgiving to mention some things that make me feel, well, thankful.  I love this month.  The holidays are right around the corner, and there's a festive, promising feeling in the air. 

Today I'm thankful for the rain and all the falling leaves that led to Vivi and Mommy wearing their rain boots.  When I had to go to a work meeting this afternoon, I was able to drop Vivi off with her daddy... and when I picked her back up she said "daddy pease?" the whole way home.  She also told me she had an "owie" in her "bootie" (because she had to go poo, and she hates it when she's in her car seat while this happens).  She asked me for a "band aid for bootie".  It made me smile.

I'm thankful that I got random texts all week from my dad telling me he loves me while he's out of town...for the potential of visiting Palm Springs with him next year...for the way Vivi has asked three times today to go see Elmo at "Nono house?"

I'm thankful for my Viv...the smell of her shampoo as I read her bedtime books...that last glance she gave me as I slipped out of her bedroom tonight...her day coming to an end and her sleepy body preparing to fall fast asleep.

There are so many more.  I hope to keep a thankful perspective the entire month - this is my promise to myself.

Goodnight everyone,

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


ps: mama got the iphone 4S and is a SUPER happy camper :)
Note to Vivienne:

Dear Tootie,

Today you turn 26 months old, and as you will see from these photos, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get you to sit still for a photo moment these days.  Most of the pictures I have of you lately are your back.  Or the top of your head.  Or they're blurry.  It'll have to do -- because the more I ask you to stand still the more antsy you get.  Then I start trying to bribe you with things which doesn't work.  Next, I result to threatening you, which is a joke!  So I figure for the next year or so pictures of you will all look like this.

Let's see, what are you up to these days?  More like what aren't you up to!  Developmentally you are doing great!  (I put these milestones in here because I am counting on this to be your baby book, so you can look back and see the sorts of things you did around this time).  You are chatting up a storm!  You didn't say much for the longest time, and then all of a sudden sentences are spilling from your mouth.  And they're in the cutest little concentrated form, for example: when I went into your room this morning and turned on the light your first sentence of the day went like this, "!"  It's adorable when you pause between each word and you're very calculated with what you say. 

You're counting to ten (and you love to do this with everything you see), and you are obsessed with letters.  You pretty much know A-Z.  Books are still the favorite pastime for you and I'd be lying if I didn't say how happy it makes me to see you curled up with a book.  Ever since you received your train set for your birthday the world revolves around Thomas the Tank Engine.  I got you some little Thomas books and you love to read these every night with Mommy before you go to sleep.  That and anything that has a picture of you in it.  Some other favorite books of yours right now are Mister Seahorse, Some Babies are Wild, Piggies, anything Dr. Seuss, and I Can Fly.  Every time we get into the car to go somewhere we have to take with us at least 3 trains.  Usually Billy, Percy, and James or Thomas.  I'm on the hunt for Harvey (you love when he saves the day and moves the logs off the track).  You also love Bertie the bus.  You've also become quite the backseat driver - it cracks me up!  If the light turns green you say "go, Mommy!" or if I stop suddenly or say oops!, you have this sing-songy way of saying to me "Mommmmiiiiaaaa!"  Oh, I adore you.

Baby girl, you have most definitely moved into the "terrible two's" although I'm not so sure how terrible they are.  There have been a handful of super rough days for Mama, but for the most part it's about me realizing you're not a little baby anymore.  And even though you struggle sometimes with swatting the kids at the playground if they come too near your slide, or you tell me "no" every time I ask you to stop doing something, I still think we are going to come out the other side unscathed.  It's a trying time in your little world.  You've got a whole new mix of emotions and opinions and it's actually fascinating to watch your little life unfold. 

Mama is in the middle of trying to find you a preschool, and it has made me really think about the limited time the two of us have left in your "baby years".  I know it's a year away, but all the tours and orientations have been crazy.  I just want you to stay little for as long as you can.  You already learn so much everyday, little sponge. 

Well, my little love dove, this is getting long, as they tend to do.  Keep being "so happy".  I am thankful for you every day, and I love you every second.


Friday, October 28, 2011


A few weekends ago we went to a birthday party and I forgot to post about it.  It was Viv's little friend from Music Together (and my good friend Leah's son) Pax, who turned three.  There was so much to do it was so great!  Viv decorated a pumpkin, got a balloon character (Buzz Lightyear wings!) AND - this is the kicker - got her face PAINTED.  Yep, she sat still as her entire face was transformed into a tiger.  The makeup artist kept asking her if she wanted to be a "pretty fairy" or get butterfly wings, to which Vivi just kept responding "I tiger, grrrrowl!" (she's been obsessed with the tiger tattoo on my back, and note the shirt in the photos). 

To keep in the theme of things with this blog (cause it's not my blog if I don't rant about all the stereotypes for little girls) the balloon animal guy kept literally trying to push a princess on her.  When she asked for a little spiderman sword (which he had just made for ALL the boys, and she wanted one) he actually said to her "Oh no, I have a pretty princess for you...".  Oh my gosh mister, give the kid her sword!  Don't worry, he heard from me!  And she ended up with the sword...

Is that not the cutest little tiger you've ever seen?