Friday, January 17, 2014


Little Baby Olive,

We've had you for one whole month.  ONE WHOLE MONTH!  (Technically six weeks, because Mommy can't seem to come up for air these days, and is running about 3 weeks late on everything in her life).  Anyway ...

You were over 9 lbs at one month old, and are rapidly putting on the weight!  You are a dreamy little baby.  You pretty much cry when you've either pooped your pants or need feeding.  You are a "tad" fussy in the evenings, but seem to be a bit of a Mama's girl, because whenever you hear me or I pick you up you become calm.  I love this, Olive Jane.  I don't particularly think newborns are all that easy to begin with, but you baby are just so darn delectable.

Even though I am completely lost in a haze of trying to figure out how to be a Mommy to two girls -- none of that has any reflection on you little bird.  Your sister is one of your favorite things ever, and anytime you hear her you get a huge grin.  It melts my soul.  Those are the things I could never have prepared myself for.  I am so excited to grow with you.  I am smitten over you, little love.  Your smell, your coos, and even your cute little poop face.  Your sweetness has filled our little family right up.

I love you little bird,


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