Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Maiden Voyage...

We've been busy busy busy this November. We had our first solo trip to Sacramento to visit family. It was both fun and stressful, but mostly fun. Mitch had to go out of town on business to Michigan and I decided to stay in town with family, as we were already there for Jeff and Angilene's wedding reception. It was a fabulous reception at Gramma and Grampa Weathers house -- lots of people and just a warm and wonderful time. Vivienne decided to pick up Mitch's cold that he had been fighting for over a week, so not only were we traveling for the first time with a 9 week old, she was sniffling and coughing the whole time. She snored super loud at night, making it hard for us to sleep of course, as the paranoid new parents -- Viv however, slept like a log, cold and all! She had so many people to love on her and she enjoyed EVERY minute of it. In fact when we got home I think she was kinda bored having only my mug to stare at...;)

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