Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas, Part 2

The couple who didn't read the memo.
Just a mugshot.
Nothing like getting drunk with your mother-in-law!
This is a before and after the whiskey toast (round 5).

The "Uglies"
The winner! And yes, that is a giant penis on his sweater (it's why he won!).

There is no way to describe what comes next other than to say that Mitch and I totally missed the memo on this one (otherwise we would have been ALL OVER IT). Look out next year cause I am ALREADY SHOPPING! Do they make ugly sweaters for one year olds? Christmas night at Uncle Bob's became the annual "Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest" and let's just say that the event lived up to its name. Here's to my brother-in-law Jeff, for having the most hideous sweater of all, and taking first prize, a GIANT bottle of Jack Daniels. Second prize was a smaller bottle of Jack, and then there were individual tiny bottles of Jack for ALL participants. There is never a shortage of Jack Daniels at any Weathers event, a tribute to Mitch's grandmother Thelma Weathers (School Bus Gramma). The whole family always takes a shot of Jack (and then some), to honor her. This year was no exception. She was an amazing lady and I feel lucky to have known her.

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