Monday, June 21, 2010

Dad Days of Summer

For the last two weeks, and the next 7 or so, Vivienne and Daddy are hanging out 3 days/week while I am at work. This is so great! Mitch has been taking lots of mug shots and sending them to me at work. This makes sitting behind a desk so much more appealing! While I am wasting the day at work, they are at the park, or watching soccer, or going on runs, or playing "climb the Daddy mountain!", or walking the SF neighborhoods, and always reading books. They are so sweet together and sometimes when I get home it's like I'm coming in on their little affair. I love it, and I feel so fortunate that my baby girl gets to spend these precious times with her Daddy. And I'm not bitter at all, not AT ALL! They kill me. I mean, look at these ADORABLE FACES will you! Can you stand it?!

1 comment:

  1. Teeth! the first big tooth pic i've seen.
    CUTENESS all around