Sunday, June 6, 2010

Month: 9

Dear Vivienne,

You are getting more and more beautiful with each passing day. You feel so grown up to us now, we can hardly remember a life without you in it. Every day it seems you are learning new things and proving to me how amazing that little brain inside your head is. Your new things this month are: eating a lot more table foods (although you still don't love eating in general), crawling on hands and knees (instead of dragging yourself) pretty much all the time, waving bye bye, lots of babble that sounds like BAABAADABABAADADABABADADABABA, turning the pages constantly in your books and bringing books over to Mommy to read to you, pulling yourself up and standing on everything, and many many more adventurous things. You had your first "go to see the doctor" illness last month and he pretty much told me to go back home and wait it out. Just a cold but still, I was worried. Between that and the two new teeth plus the two you are getting now, it's been a bit rough for you. You really do weather it well (no pun intended). Your newest trick is raising your little arms up high when I ask you "How big is Vivienne?" You did this all day for Grandma and Grandpa, who thought you were pretty stinking adorable too. You ABSOLUTELY know that you get a reaction from people when you act cute and you do this all the time. Your smiling face will light up any strangers day, and you want to make friends with everyone.

Well, my little pterodactyl, you are getting so big. I still can't stop analyzing every little thing about you and every little detail about all your little parts. They amaze me, and I still can't believe something so perfect came out of me! A certain little look from you, or when you simply nuzzle into my chest for a hug can literally send me into tears. I adore you my little Tootie and I'm sorry you've had a rough month. If I could "make it all better" I would, but I'm afraid you're gonna need your teeth. I'm sorry I potentially gave you my asthma (although you can blame Nono too). I'm sorry that we have to sleep train you right now, and you've been crying yourself to sleep the last week. I'm sorry for leaving you in that poopie diaper a little TOO long the other day. I'm sorry that June STILL won't let you pet her, despite your unwavering commitment to try every time you see her. Most of all, I'm sorry that one day I won't be rocking you to sleep anymore and letting you lay in my arms well after you've gone to sleep. I love you, love you, love you.

Mommy x

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  1. Happy 9 months Pookie!!! Uma loves you THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS MUCH!! AND MORE... XOXOXOXO