Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oh boy

Today was a little bit difficult on some personal levels for me, but Vivienne also decided that she was going to stand up and try to get into EVERYTHING imaginable. I am not kidding when I say that I have not baby proofed enough. Some little foam wedges are not going to cut it. I am pretty good about having all the toxic stuff up high and to be honest we don't really have that many toxic cleaners anymore, thank you Seventh Generation, Meyers, and Method. Oh how I love Method. If Method was a person instead of a brand I'd marry it! Ok, I'll admit that the one cleaner I just can't live without still is Softscrub. I just NEED it! Viv was a little monkey today, and when Uncle Jeff stopped by (THANK GOD), whom Vivi adores, all she wanted to do was drink his beer. So she spent the day "exploring" and I spent the day on "high alert" ready for a major disaster. Thankfully we got through the day with only minor head injuries. Poor Rody though (Vivienne's donkey, I think that's what he is, that's what I call him anyway), he really took a beating!

Also, forgive the photo app that makes the shot look completely washed out, I'm experimenting.


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