Monday, August 23, 2010

His Highness with the Sir Snobs-A-Lot

I snapped these photos ONLY after His Highness got situated enough in his BAG to let me get a few captures. I think I've already mentioned on here that he is a little Prince. If anything should be even slightly out of the normal routine around here, he needs his round of anxiety medications (which thankfully, I have in plentiful amounts to share with him). You can assume, that with my recent craziness, Vivienne being sick sick sick, and a rotating door of family coming in and out (which has been seriously great), let's just say he "hasn't been himself"...

I found it HYSTERICAL yesterday when he strutted into this bag as if he just found a magic carpet or something, only to not realize that he stuck his head through the handle. He looked like a little Siamese cat clown. Oh Sammy! How I adore you.

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