Thursday, October 14, 2010

Month: 13

So, I'm changing up the portraits for Year 2. Bear with me, I need to work on the light big time. But here is my Tootie in my favorite Eames rocker. She is a little more than 13 months, but it's been a rough month. Again. This little dress is from her friend Edie, whom we just visited in Portland. I scored big time some used threads! Thanks Danni...;)

Note to Vivienne:

Dearest Vivi,

You're 13 months! It is quite a ride. You are walking too! You still need a little help from us, but definitely would call you a walker. This is opening up a whole new realm of possibilities for you (and us). You are OFF the charts in everything still. Tall and large! I am sorry I did not do a twelve month portrait so I could explain your ONE year checkup, but everything went swimmingly. Routine stuff, but you were so sad that day when you had to have blood drawn and some vaccines. It breaks my heart to see you so upset. We just took a trip to Portland which I will blog about, so you can see your buddy Edie and all the fun we had there. It was a fabulous time.

Well, Pookie, keep growing and exploring. It's a whole new vertical world out there now!
I love you,


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