Saturday, October 30, 2010

Walkway of death

Mitch has taken to calling the space where Vivienne loves to walk, (entering our kitchen from one side between two counters and cabinets), "The Walkway of Death".  I agree.  It's this super narrow, ultra slippery, pointy vortex of razor sharp 2-inch thick counter tops, that we clearly designed BEFORE we had a child.  Also, this child is tall.  It's ok, she doesn't necessarily need both eyes.  You can't tell that well in this video, but she is entering the Walkway of Death here at the end.  Each time she heads for this clearing, we cross our fingers and say our Hail Mary's (or I do) and hold my breath until she reemerges around the other side with both eyes in her head.  I'm not kidding, I may need to refill my Valium to get through this "early walker" stage!

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