Thursday, September 29, 2011

SAM (2007-2011), IN MEMORIAM

Our Sammy passed away last night, and it is every bit as awful as I always knew it would be.  I don't have the words right now to express what this cat meant to me.  To us.  I will give him a proper eulogy when I can, but for now I'm just trying to hang on.  There isn't a square inch of this house that Sammy hasn't put his stamp on.  It's going to be difficult road to living without our buddy.  We miss him and loved him and are so thankful that he was ours (for however briefly).

Rest in peace, Sammy.  Thank you for loving us so completely.  You were the best -- the absolute best.


  1. I lost the canine love-of-my-life over a year ago - also named Sam, coincidentally, and it was dreadful. No words to describe it. I still haven't gotten over my Sam, even with two new dogs, a cat, five goldfish and a snail named Gary in our lives. So I can well understand.

  2. @Wanderer's Daughter
    Thanks so much for the kind words - I find that most people think "it's just a cat"...
    I love your blog, and find so much joy in your relationship with Q. We are in the beginning stages of an adoption process ourselves, (not that that's why I went to your blog ;) so it's fun to see. Thanks!