Sunday, October 9, 2011



Big pumpkins

Beautiful hair

A classic Vivi look

For Grandpa

International Trucks

Field of Orange

Sweaty neck break

Capturing Mama's OCD


Dirty ghost kisses

 More dirty kisses

Holding hands


Doing his job

Lots of fun was had this weekend picking out pumpkins and getting the house ready for Halloween.  It is my favorite season and my favorite holiday.  It was a beautiful day, hot actually, and we found the perfect little farm not too far away.  We brought home a lot of pumpkins and had an all around good time carving, listening to music, and drinking beer (Mama and Daddy, and maybe a little for Vivi :).  We separated the seeds so we can have roasted home made pumpkin seeds.  Mitch carved a pumpkin in honor of Sam and it turned out perfectly.  I'll post a picture of it later.  Vivi drew the faces on the pumpkins.  This little family has had a rough couple of months, but this was just what the doctor ordered, and a perfect way for us to kick off Fall!


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  1. Fabulous pumpkin patch you have! Thanks for visiting us...always nice to meet new readers!

    xo Maia & Q