Friday, October 28, 2011


A few weekends ago we went to a birthday party and I forgot to post about it.  It was Viv's little friend from Music Together (and my good friend Leah's son) Pax, who turned three.  There was so much to do it was so great!  Viv decorated a pumpkin, got a balloon character (Buzz Lightyear wings!) AND - this is the kicker - got her face PAINTED.  Yep, she sat still as her entire face was transformed into a tiger.  The makeup artist kept asking her if she wanted to be a "pretty fairy" or get butterfly wings, to which Vivi just kept responding "I tiger, grrrrowl!" (she's been obsessed with the tiger tattoo on my back, and note the shirt in the photos). 

To keep in the theme of things with this blog (cause it's not my blog if I don't rant about all the stereotypes for little girls) the balloon animal guy kept literally trying to push a princess on her.  When she asked for a little spiderman sword (which he had just made for ALL the boys, and she wanted one) he actually said to her "Oh no, I have a pretty princess for you...".  Oh my gosh mister, give the kid her sword!  Don't worry, he heard from me!  And she ended up with the sword...

Is that not the cutest little tiger you've ever seen?

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