Thursday, July 19, 2012


It's been such a joy to watch Vivienne make friends lately.  She has a ton of buddies, but there are certain little people that just seem to click with her more than others.  I knew this day would come when she would start forming relationships and it's just amazing to watch it unfold.  I love seeing her confidence in the way she interacts with people.  Her hunger for an experience can stop me in my tracks. 

I use to be a little apprehensive and anxious for the day when she would be obviously growing up.  I couldn't picture her as anything but dependent on us for her every need.  But in this last year, and really in this last six months, she has just blossomed into a completely independent child.  That same sweet baby girl is still in there, it's just camouflaged by her newly found "hello world, it's me Vivienne!" attitude.  She has people in her life, whether big or small, that mean something to her.  They're her experiences and they will be her memories. 

It's a crazy thing to watch your child grow up.  In some ways, each stage feels like you're meeting this little person for the very first time -- like seeing them in a completely different light.  What a complete and utter privilege to watch a person become who they are.


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