Thursday, July 19, 2012


Dear Vivi,

Here are some of the things you said to me today, sweet girl:

"I don't want you to be sassy to ME!  We are nice in this family!" 
(something your dad tells you often, and you did not want to nap ;).

"I love you so much Mommy, you are my sister!"

"Maybe I could have my baba (pacifier) for a little minute, how about that?"  (the answer was no :).

"No Mommy, I need you to listen to ME!  Curious George saw a monster.  He did."

"It's otay (ok) Mommy, no worries, you no have to be sad bout Daddy.  We tan (can) always see him in Chicago!"  (after I said I missed daddy today :).

You are saying so many sweet things to me every single day.  I am really trying to write them all down so that whenever I need a little lift, I can just read your words.  You make my days perfect.

I love you Vivi,


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