Tuesday, October 2, 2012


"I am the best daughter in the wholest wide world."

"Daddy, I tan (can) give you a big wet one (kiss).  Will dat (that) make you happy?"
"Oh, I like my nails long mommy, so I can do things like this (scratching her head) and it feels good.  I like it."

"When I growed up I'm gonna be in a band.  Mommy you can be in my band!  Dat make you happy?"

"Dinosaurs are not tary (scary) Mommy, they are nice and they lick you."

"It's okay Mommy, four books is not that many" (after I told her to pick two).

"Mommy, you sure you're happy?"

"I really don't like funder cause it goes BOOM like dat, and it tares me" (scares me).

Me: I'm going to go make your egg.
V: Oh, I can do it!?
Me: You can help me, but you're too little once it goes in the pan.
V: Oh, but it's okay, I'm not too little.  I tan (can) do it, I'm three.

V (today): Mommy my heart hurts.  
Me: What?  Why does your heart hurt sweetie?
V: Cause I'm sad.
Me: Why are you sad?
V: Cause I asked for a tandy (candy) and you said "No".  Dat made me sad.

Yesterday at the beach watching the surfers:
V: But I don't want daddy to be a surfer.  
Me: How come babe?
V: Cause I don't want him to get lost by that wave?
Me: You don't need to worry Vivi, Daddy is very careful, and plus, he's not out there today.
V: Oh!  I will ride a whale like Diego and save him!
Me: Sounds good.

You are just the sweetest, Vivienne.

*photos via Instagram

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  1. She kills me! Love this post babe. mw