Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Dear Olive Bird,

We've had you two whole months now, and you are quite simply irresistible.  You smile with your eyes - as evidenced in the picture above - and it's rare when you're not smiling.  At the doctor appointment this month you had 6 vaccinations which broke Mommy's heart.  Mostly because right before they pricked you (three times) you looked up at me and gave me the sweetest little grin with your whole face.  It crushed me to watch your little face turn purple with rage.  You weigh 12 pounds, the same as your sister at this age.  You are incredibly strong!  You've been lifting your little neck since day one, but the doctor thinks you're almost ready to roll over.  You sleep on your tummy, and you love music.

It's been quite a ride these last few months.  I told myself before you were born that I would try my best not to compare you to your sister, and I think I've done that for the most part.  It's hard not to see the similarities, and even the differences, in the two of you so far.  You're so tiny, little bird.  You have so much growth ahead of you and I find myself almost sad about every milestone, knowing it brings you closer to getting bigger.  You are super happy and healthy and that is ALL I wanted for you when I was still growing you.

You adore your sister.  It's only been 9 weeks and the bond already seems so strong.  If she is anywhere near you, a huge smile spreads across your face.  She can make you light up just by being near.  It's pretty incredible to dream about what your relationship will become.  She adores you as well, and is pretty used to you now.  She took the transition of you pretty well, and she wants to be involved in every little care taking step.  Above all though, you are a mommy's girl.  You are most settled and content when you are with me, and I am completely fine with this baby.  Smitten may be more accurate.  It's something I didn't anticipate, (your sister was a daddy's girl as well) and I love it.

All that worrying before you were born about how I would be able to love someone else the way I love your sister, and here I am - two months in - and I couldn't fathom life any other way.  It's an incredible thing being the mother of two daughters, and something I'm only beginning to understand the meaning of.  I just want you to know you are dreamy, and you are loved.  People who meet you call you "content" and it's true, you seem content with your tiny body.  A calm, peaceful little bird.

Vivienne will always be the one who made me a mother.  You are the one who made me realize my confidence as a mother.  I adore you, Olive Jane.  Grow strong.


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