Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween in Pictures (Part 1)

Tired little Yoda

Needless to say, Halloween was a blast this year!  We went to a block party, with the Oh-Schrobsdorff's, and witnessed A TON of crazy costumes.  Viv's favorite was a giant psychotic looking bunny.  A tall man in a rabbit suit.  Straight from a horror movie.  After lots of haunted houses and mingling with all the neighborhood families, we took our tired little Yoda home with some burritos, and watched the premiere of The Walking Dead.  No better way to wrap up Halloween night than with a new Zombie series.  Modesty aside, I truly think we deserved the family costume award!  We received so many "too funny's" and "great costumes" last night that it made my skeptical husband proud to be wearing his Goodwill choir robe/tight polyester pants!

It was a great night, I hope yours was the same!

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