Sunday, August 28, 2011


Viv has been very into reading lately.  She will read in her red chair in the morning for at least an hour.  By reading, I mean babbling as if she is reading and saying a few words that she knows are in the page.  It's adorable.  I look at her and see a teenager lately.  I've been doing a lot of keeping myself busy, (and resting), and trying to do a lot without doing too much, if that makes ANY sense.  Mitch started school again after nine months off, and it's hitting Vivi a little hard.  This week was emotional for her and there was a lot of crying and calling strangers "Daddy!" in every store we went in.  It is definitely a transition, and she's a little fragile.  Needless to say, we're in some trying times.

There will be a Superhero birthday party this weekend coming up, and I'm excited.  It's the first birthday where V is really aware of being "two" as she says with her little fingers up.  I just can't wait really, to celebrate this little life that grew inside me over two years ago, and to honor her and what she's become in just two short years.  Life with her really is magnificent...

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  1. Amber, It's moments like those pictures that will stay with you and catch you at the most random times. Paige left for her first day of highschool last week and as she walked out the door, all I could see was her, at 2 years old sitting on the living room floor in her new Sleeping Beauty "big girl panties" (and nothing else) serving tea to all of her stuffed animals. These everyday type of memories are what it's all about! xo