Thursday, November 3, 2011


It's November, the month for thanks.  I figured I'd start now, and not wait until Thanksgiving to mention some things that make me feel, well, thankful.  I love this month.  The holidays are right around the corner, and there's a festive, promising feeling in the air. 

Today I'm thankful for the rain and all the falling leaves that led to Vivi and Mommy wearing their rain boots.  When I had to go to a work meeting this afternoon, I was able to drop Vivi off with her daddy... and when I picked her back up she said "daddy pease?" the whole way home.  She also told me she had an "owie" in her "bootie" (because she had to go poo, and she hates it when she's in her car seat while this happens).  She asked me for a "band aid for bootie".  It made me smile.

I'm thankful that I got random texts all week from my dad telling me he loves me while he's out of town...for the potential of visiting Palm Springs with him next year...for the way Vivi has asked three times today to go see Elmo at "Nono house?"

I'm thankful for my Viv...the smell of her shampoo as I read her bedtime books...that last glance she gave me as I slipped out of her bedroom tonight...her day coming to an end and her sleepy body preparing to fall fast asleep.

There are so many more.  I hope to keep a thankful perspective the entire month - this is my promise to myself.

Goodnight everyone,

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