Sunday, March 4, 2012


Not the best pictures this month.  The chair was upstairs and I didn't feel like moving it.  I'll make up for it next month!

Dear Vivienne,

You are getting so tall!  This month hit us with another bad cold, and when I finally took you to the doctor the cool thing was getting you weighed.  You're 34.5 pounds!  And very tall.  Right on track from the very first appointment you ever had.  You are consistent babe. 

I feel like in the last week you have grown so much.  Your face changed, ever so slightly, and your vocabulary and sentence structure are suddenly so grown up.  It's happening Toots, you keep moving towards independence.  I am having so much fun with you Viv.  You are definitely my little buddy and I could not imagine my days without you.  Sometimes we look at each other and just start laughing hysterically like we're sharing some inside joke (usually it's because we are).  You've started telling me things about life, about me, about your observations of the world -- in your own way of course, you will describe for me what you see.  It's absolutely fascinating.  I tell your Dad all the time that I must be the luckiest Mommy there ever was. 

I'm keeping this one short, because it's late and I am still recovering from the cold you gave me ;).  I love you immensely and I am constantly struck by how that love can keep growing and growing.  

It makes me feel completely content knowing that you are happy.  That's all I could ever want.

I love you sweet girl,


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