Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Today marks the 40th birthday of my husband, and since we got married when I was barely legal, that means that I've spent over half of my life with this man.  That's a lot of birthdays.  Mitch is not the kind of person who fusses over milestones.  We differ in this area.  I want to make a big deal out of the fact that he is leaving the thirties behind and he just shrugs like eh, it's a day like any other.  (That last sentence right there could sum up our entire marriage).  The first real birthday we spent together as a couple was his 25th birthday.  I was 18 and just became his girlfriend the previous summer, and I remember feeling like 25 was a really big deal.  Little did I know that I would be celebrating with him 15 years later.  Actually, I did know, in that way that you just know when you're meant to be with someone.

The last decade has been quite a ride.  It's definitely been more of a roller coaster, than say, a ferris wheel.  Ten years ago this year, we started calling San Francisco our home and this city is where we have "found ourselves" as a couple.  Last night I started thinking about this man and the last ten years and how I could properly praise him on such a big day.  He really hasn't changed much at all, and yet so many things have changed.  He's more handsome, that's for sure.  He's gifted in so many ways and I know he will change things for the better on his career path, and throughout his life.  He's an amazing father, and an incredible husband.  A person couldn't have a better friend.  He's given me my most treasured gift, Vivienne.  The night before last I wasn't feeling too great at dinner and so I didn't eat much, but then as we were laying in bed watching another episode of Parks and Recreation, I got hungry and mentioned wanting cheese toast.  He has always made the most incredible cheese toast.  Within seconds he was out of bed only to return with a big plate, just how I like it, light on the mustard.  This is what I keep coming back to when I try to sum him up.  There's no one else I could be on this journey with.  Nothing I want besides cheese toast.  After all the good and tough times, two homes, two cats, navigating depression and anxiety, two pregnancies, one child...I could go on and on... sometimes my love for him is almost unbearable.

Sometimes I have glimpses and memories of us as a young married couple, and of all the changes and times that we've been through.  After all of the work we've done to be together, after all of these years, I look at him and I look at my daughter and I can't believe I am here 15 years later sitting next to Mitch Weathers.

Happy 40th birthday Mitch.  I love you more than I could ever aptly express here.


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