Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Golden Age of Infancy

Today when I took Vivienne to her (late) 6 month appointment, her doctor walked in, returned her GIANT smile, and declared, "6 months, it's the Golden Age of infancy!"  I couldn't agree more.  

This month has been like none other with Vivienne.  It's like someone turned a light on in that little head.  She is hilarious and Mitch and I find ourselves laughing out loud all the time.  Her latest is tooting in the bathtub and then looking at us and laughing about it!  I KID YOU NOT.  She is so delicious that I have to hold myself back from taking a bite out of her, all 21.5 pounds of her!  I now see why you go through 3 months of extreme torture in the beginning.  It is TOTALLY worth it!  She also has a new obsession with tags.  Any tag.  Doesn't have to be soft, and trust me, she will find it even if it's the most minuscule of tags (as witnessed in one of the photos above, she found a tag on her bloomers and she focused on it for 5 straight minutes).  I don't know why I buy her any toys.  I should just give her a big bucket of tags and call it a day.  I am loving the six month stage with her.  I sometimes look at her and I feel that I can see what she'll be like as a kid.  I mean, just this morning, after her immunizations as I was cuddling and kissing her to make it all better, she turned and looked at the nurse and SCOWLED at her.  Seriously, she SCOWLED at the nurse.  It was such a grown up expression (ahem, probably one inherited from her mother) with her little eyebrows furrowed, that the nurse and I could not do anything but bust out in hysterics!  

I also failed to mention that Vivienne is very mobile these days.  I think crawling is still a little way off yet (praise the LORD), but oh let me tell you, there are SO many other ways to be mobile.  Viv gets around!  For instance at the doctor office this morning she was all over that table while we were waiting.  No more little cherub lying there cooing at me.  She was rolling, and scooting, and inching backwards, and EATING the paper on the table.  She will grab anything in front of her with a force so strong it puts Hercules to shame.  Let's just say earrings are off limits for me now.  I could go on forever about all the cute and crazy things Vivienne does now.  There's just too many to list here.  I cannot get enough of this kid.

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