Monday, March 1, 2010

Month: 6

Vivienne's 6th month of life is now complete (tomorrow). Mitch and I celebrated last night for getting Viv through half of her first year. It really does feel like the blink of an eye, which I wouldn't have believed possible in those early months. Half a year! Wow. I don't have any stats yet because we haven't been to the doc, but Vivienne feels like at least 25 pounds already. She's probably not that big, but my neck and back beg to differ. I KNOW she's over 20. We'll see. Super cute and doing so many things now. What a buddy she is.

Note to Viv (if you shall ever lay eyes on this blog):
We are quite possibly the luckiest people around because of you. You make each and every day special. We are learning a lot from you, like how to be jolly about the little things. Keep growing and glowing. We love you Toots. xo

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