Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lake Tahoe

Here is one of my favorite pictures from our weekend at Lake Tahoe. Her two loves -- Daddy and the Bjorn. The weather was beautiful, and Vivienne could not get enough of her cousin Marley. (For example: "When she pulls your hair, that means she loves you right!?" - Marley, Age 2.5). Saturday morning we took her for an early walk in our PJ's with a cup of coffee, super bundled up because we are used to the nice, mild Bay Area weather. So is Vivienne obviously because by the end of this walk her cheeks and chin were wind-chilled/chapped pink for the rest of the weekend. She spent the rest of her time groaning at me as I BATHED her face in Aquaphor. I am seriously that mom. More pics to come, particularly of Vivienne's first experience with a jacuzzi. It didn't disappoint!

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