Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy birthday to me

Since this is my blog, and I usually say whatever I feel like, I guess it's appropriate to wish myself a happy birthday. Things have definitely changed that's for sure. This year, the year that I turn 32, (OMG) my birthday has fallen on a weekend that Mitch is out of town and Vivienne is cutting her first teeth. HAPPY FREAKIN' BIRTHDAY. My dad and stepmom came to town to say hi and see Viv which was great and by the time they left, Viv had had enough and was in full blown teething mode. It was like she planned it for the second they walked out the door. I spent the rest of my afternoon/evening carrying her around listening to her moan/whine/whimper. If you have been through a teething experience with a child, it's horrifying. Her little gums look like hamburger meat, and there are two little teeth that have just barely broke the surface. I wish I could take it away for her, but unfortunately she needs teeth in her life so this is what has to happen. I knew things were not going well when she cried for most of her bath. Vivienne LOVES the bath. I mean, LOVES THE BATH. She will play in the tub for 30 minutes if you let her. Tonight she just cried or whined the whole time and reached for me from her little seat. After an early bedtime for Viv (5:30, and has only been up screaming once) I am having some wine and watching Avatar that I purchased at Target. Woohoo. PAINTIN' THE TOWN RED!! Probably be in bed by 8pm. YES! Here is a shot of Viv today, one of the only things that made her super happy, rolling around in mommy and daddy's bed nakey! Don't expect a smile.

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