Thursday, April 22, 2010


These pictures crack me up for two reasons. One, my mom's hair is all sticking up in the front in one of these pictures because Vivienne's new thing is PULLING HAIR. Pulling anything really and Uma was wearing a necklace too. It was like Disneyland for Vivienne. Secondly, my babe LOVES to study people she loves, she just does it. It's like she memorizes them. Sometimes it can make you uncomfortable as she pulls her little face an inch back and just STARES at you for an undetermined amount of time. If you try to move your face or laugh, she grabs it with her little hands as if to say, "I'm doing something here, HOLD STILL!" Needless to say she had a great morning spending some time with Uma, despite being in the middle of getting her two bottom teeth. My mom even sat in the back of the car with her while she (finally) slept and I ran into Target. I should mention that she had an ENORMOUS bowl movement on the way there too, and my poor mom sat there in the back of the stinky truck as she slept, not wanting to disturb her. Pretty cute!

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