Sunday, May 16, 2010

8 months!

Vivienne is 8 months! More like 8.5 months, but what can I say, we've been swamped this month with sickness. I wish these came out better, but Viv WILL NOT sit down anymore. All she wants to do is stand, so you can't see her adorable little wolf booties with little claws on them. Still, you get the picture. She has had a rough month with teething and sickness. Her first real cold, still recovering. She and I both had/have it and it's been the saddest thing yet, to hear her coughing in the middle of the night incessantly. She even has a little inhaler, yes, I think I passed on my asthma gene. We are watching for it closely, and it doesn't seem to bother her, she just wheezes away. Being sick doesn't help. She is 24 pounds, roughly a little more ;) CUTE CUTE CUTE...

Note to Vivienne:

We couldn't love you anymore than we do now. It is impossible to think of what life was like just 8 short months ago when you weren't out here in the world yet. You are the most beautiful, adventurous, funny little Pookie in all the world. We are just starting to see your darling little sensitive side as well, when you lean in and "kiss" us if we ask for it, or when you cry when other babies cry. You don't like anyone to be upset, ever. To try to put down in words what I feel for you seems so inadequate. You are the light of my life and I adore you. Thanks for changing me and making me a Mommy, and for showing me how deep love can be.

I love you Tootie, with all my heart, forever and ever.
Mommy xx

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