Saturday, May 15, 2010

Vivienne and Dr. Tsai

Viv loves Dr. Tsai and they end up playing together by the end of the visit. She was very serious this time (she really did not feel good) and she also really wanted that stethoscope, which he ended up letting her have. He's a pushover when it comes to Viv. I like that about him! In other news, we just have to wait this one out. Tootie was up the entire night coughing. She ended up sleeping/coughing and moaning on Daddy from 3am until 6am (I was up from 10-3). It is truly the saddest thing and hardest thing for me, hearing her hack up her lungs in the middle of the night and then moan. No cough syrup, nothing we can do, except watch her closely to make sure it doesn't get worse and hold her. Oh the joys of parenting! She is definitely on the mend I think. Last night was a better night...

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