Thursday, November 4, 2010

14 Months!

Note to Vivienne:

Dear Vivi,

You're 14 months old!  You're walking and babbling (Daddy is still your favorite word) and throwing new tantrums.  You have strong opinions lately, and are all around irresistible.  Yesterday was quite an eventful day.  We've definitely had better days, you and I.  I'm not sure if it was something in the air or just the fact that we were both "off", but baby, I'm definitely glad it's a new day!  You also got your first major "owie" yesterday, you fell while coming into the bathroom to watch me get ready, hit your face on the side of the toilet, and now have a huge bruise on your cheek.  I felt sick all day seeing your head bounce back like that, and you cried for an hour.  I thought you had busted open your face.  A perfect midday surprise for us Viv!  Then we went to read some books and one of the heavier books that you were trying to so desperately reach for up high, ON YOUR OWN of course, (curse me for trying to help you these days;), fell smack on your face and eyes.  Poor thing!

Here's to a better day Vivi, I love you!


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