Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life With Viv: by Mitch

So over at Pacing The Panic Room Ryan, the author of the blog, does a really cool thing where he basically hijacks pictures from his wife's phone to post on the blog.  It's titled Around the House by Cole, or something like that -- GO SEE IT.  His blog is fantastic and his kids are adorable.  I woke up today and thought, "Self?", "You should do that!"... so here you have it.  I'm calling it Life With Viv, by Mitch.  I hope it's ok I'm being a copycat, but I love the idea of posting on here some of the random moments that Mitch has with Vivi when I'm not around.  I think she would absolutely love to see these when she's older.  Let's just hope I remember to keep up with it! 


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