Thursday, November 18, 2010

My very own carrot top

We've been having some gorgeous days in San Francisco lately.  This was at the park the other day, overlooking the Bay Bridge, and the bay, and downtown.  We love this park.  When I was a kid I used to HATE the term "carrot top".  I wanted a full head of brown or black or blonde hair.  Anything but red.  Now that I see it on my daughter it has such different meaning for me.  I know she'll go through phases with it, but I really hope she sees it as uniquely hers.  It is gorgeous on her -- and she is beautiful.  Whenever she asks me if I wish I had a different color of hair, I'll be able to answer honestly with, no way!  This thing called parenthood is really interesting sometimes because you don't ever get to be negative with yourself and feel good about it.  You always have a little person who is watching you closely to see if you like your red hair.

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