Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Docs and hoo-hoos

These pictures were sent to me today while I was having trigger point injections in my neck and shoulder.  Awesome.  It's round two for me and the quest to be pain free (er, have manageable pain).  Pain free is probably not an option for me.  I say this with a smile, really.  Having trigger point injections is kind of cool.  I have the best doctor who completely reminds me of Dr. House (without the asshole, and not hot) - brilliant, quirky, odd bedside manner.  He's happy with my progress, and at this point the only thing he does not know about me is my social security number.  He may even know that, I'm not sure.

It's super comforting when you're sitting, waiting for an appointment that you know is going to hurt a little, and you get a couple of pictures of your daughter running barefoot through the nasty San Francisco streets.  In her pajamas.  But look how excited she looks!  I absolutely adore these photos and the happiness she exudes in them.  It was the perfect waiting room anecdote.  I normally HATE the doctors office, but somewhere between the 'pushing a baby out of your hoo-hoo' and the 'constant poking and prodding of all the pain classes and appointments', I've grown quite fond of them really.  It feels like a second home.  All modesty is gone.  It's like going to the salon at this point.  (Alright I'm lying, I still hate it, albeit I hate it A LOT less...).

I'm still fussing around with Typepad.  It ain't easy trying to teach yourself computer coding.  The little bit I do know (emphasis on little) has gotten me nowhere.  I'm seeking outside help in the form of ex-colleagues/friends who are willing to give up their free time to fix me up a website!  All of this to say it will be a little while longer until I'm ready to unveil, if you will.  Oh, the suspense!

As always, and on a serious note, thank you to all who stop by and follow this story of mine.  I really do appreciate all the support and encouragement I get from people for this here beauty of a place for me to put too much information blog.

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