Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Nieces!


I thought I'd post a little update of my adorable nieces.  They are, of course, the best.  Lyla is 4 months old, SNORTS, and is a clone of my brother.  Clone.  No joke.  She is adorable!  Those cheeks!  Did I mention she SNORTS?  She does!  She is just now turning into a little baby, and we are loving getting to know her little self.

Marley is 3 and a half (and change), going on 10.  The kid can outwit just about anyone, so watch yourself around this one.  She is also SEVERAL shades darker than her Auntie (yes, I'm jealous).  She is a fabulous big cousin, and is always looking out for her younger niece Viv.  She once told me her favorite store was Nordstrom, not kidding.  This girl has more energy than any person I have ever met, truly.  Also, more heart.

Suffice it to say that I love them dearly (as do Uncle Mitch and Vivi...!)


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