Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What Vivi's been reading 
This is the book Vivi and I have been reading at night for the past week or so: More More More, Said The Baby, by Vera B. Williams.  She always wants to read this, along with Freight Train (which I hope some of you bit the bullet and purchased that book, it's a winner).  I do love this book.  At first it wasn't my favorite as it felt a little boring, but the repetition proved to be magical for Viv so I've come around.  It's three stories in one book and we have the board book version, which even though we have moved on to paperback books, Vivi still loves all her old books just the same.  Each story is centered around the caregiver doing something funny with the toddler/baby, and the baby wanting more of it.  It's actually really adorable.  If you have a toddler you know that this story is all too true.  You can never do something just one time!  I would definitely invest in this book.  It's mature enough to grow with her as well. 

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