Friday, July 15, 2011


From top to bottom:  Mitch made me homemade pizza (best husband ever), and my favorite kind - salami and olive / Breakfast date with daddy / Eating eggs (on her date w/dad) / Super Miss Superhero (Gabba reference) / Necklace building champion!

We've had a rough couple of days.  Momma's been sick with the worst chest cold ever (what, me, have a chest cold?)  It sucks butt.  Mitch has been doing a lot of one on one time with Tootie and letting me rest.  He even made homemade pizza one night (I had a hankering)!  We are also in full throttle Superhero birthday mode. Yes it's in September, but I'm super excited to plan and think up all the little details that go into her special day.  I always had a huge birthday party growing up.  I looked forward to it all year long.  There was always a theme and every detail was meticulously thought out.  My mom loved to throw parties, and mine were no exception.  So it's in my blood, so to speak, to have birthdays be a really big deal.  Plus, my baby is turning two!  Oh, there will be sharing along the way I'm sure, and pictures of the big day of course.

The next biggest thing in our house lately has been building necklaces, bracelets, rings, you name it.  I can't believe how good Vivi has gotten at making these things.  She is at the point now where she can make her own necklace from start to finish.  It's a great thing to do for fine motor skills, and honestly, she has blown me away with her skill!  It's lovely to have big cousins around to introduce you to such games! 

Anyway, we are off this weekend, so probably not much blogging going on.  I hope it's a restful one for you all -- and that this pesky chest thing I have will finally go away!


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  1. Get better soon babe, we missed you on our breakfast date!