Monday, July 11, 2011


We are officially on the countdown to 2 YEARS OLD!  My mind is beyond blown that my baby girl is so grown up.  The last month has been NUTS (and I feel like I say this every month now).  So much news that I am waiting to share for another post, as this one is all about TOOTIE!

Note to Vivi:

Dear Viv,

You are growing up right before our eyes.  We are definitely in the "terrible two's", however, they are not so terrible.  You most certainly have opinions and want to do everything yourself.  Especially getting yourself dressed.  You've even started to pick out your own outfits which I lightly direct ;).  We just got back from the doctor's office today, and it's official you have asthma.  We are on a steroid inhaler for about 5 weeks, and your rescue albuterol inhaler (one that we already had) for a few weeks as well.  This persistent cough you've had was the indicator.  I felt sad, until daddy reminded me it's on his side too, so then I felt not so responsible :).  Otherwise, you don't even notice that your lungs are a bit crinkly and you cough a lot.  The only thing you HATE is your aerosol, canister thing.  Should be fun!

Life before you feels unmeasurable.  You're my buddy, my love, my inspiration.  Keep on growing and filling our days with happiness just by being you!

ps - sorry about missing 21 months, it's been nuts as I said!

[Vivi's outfit]:  (few and far between I know...) 
leggings, Go Gently baby
shoes, Minnetonka

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