Monday, January 11, 2010

Excuse me for interrupting

On Sunday morning I thought I would document how Vivienne is so into the computer. Honestly, ANY time we have our phones or our computers out (which let's face it, is all the time) Viv becomes obsessed. She wants to grab it, wants to stare at it, and I think she thinks that it ALWAYS has this baby on it somewhere (which it does). It's like a personal Vivienne mirror with all the pictures she sees of herself. But this morning was so funny because I kept trying to get their attention. Mitch was chatting away with someone and Vivi would NOT look up at me. I was doing this song and dance and I'm sure looking like a total idiot. FINALLY, they both looked up, and I'm telling you, IF LOOKS COULD KILL. It was like, "excuse us woman, you are INTERRUPTING US!!"

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