Monday, January 25, 2010

A great Monday?

Today was a great day for a Monday. I am not the sort of person who likes Mondays (I can feel you all nodding at your screens right now if you know me well). Mondays mean the start of a new week, and while that should be a good thing, it also symbolizes the END of the weekend. Weekends are heaven. I usually get to sleep in because Viv hangs out with her dad (they're both crazy morning people whatever!). I also get to hang out with Mitch and have adult conversations and stuff, it's great! (BTW - I saw Avatar, AMAZING. Wow.) So, Monday comes and it's back to flying solo. But Viv and I just hung out together all day like buddies. She is getting so alert and interactive. She LOVED our time at the library, singing and dancing with all the other babies and moms, rolling all over the place like a little showoff! She finds the Mission Library extremely funny. Laughing is her thing right now. We even made a bunch of friends, can you believe it!

Okay, all kidding aside, she makes my days better. Even though I had to DRAG myself out of bed this morning while Mitch showered and got ready with Vivienne and I think I said maybe three things to Mitch before he left for work and they were mumbled something like this, "COFFEE?, Viv had her medicine?, she pooped? No?! Great...bye..." my point is that I found myself thinking what a great day it was becoming. Seriously, WHO AM I? Anyway, I really enjoyed my little toots today. Library, burritos, a little shopping, good little napper, what else is there? I want to relish all these days before I go back to work and life gets more hectic.

Happy Monday everyone.

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