Saturday, January 23, 2010


Look CLOSELY. Do you see it? That little cutie on the left? That's Sam, our first child, and the most high maintenance cat IN THE WORLD. He is involved in EVERYTHING, always has been. Viv is no exception. We think he may be part dog. Yes, this is the same cat that howls like a dying hyena at night. He has to be involved in everything that goes on here in the Weathers house, or else! He also LOVES water. I mean as soon as we drain the tub he jumps down in it to lick up the water. Excuse my language but, WTF?! What cat loves water? Sam is always GLUED to Mitch whenever he is engaged in any project around the house (see, dog behavior). Sam adores Mitch. And he is becoming more and more interested in Vivienne, as she is in him. They stare at each other a lot now, as they are doing in this photo. I'm sure they are going to be great buddies. Although he is a MAJOR pain in our backsides most of the time, we couldn't live without him. Oh Sammy, you totally enrich our lives! You and your little chubby face and stumpy legs!

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