Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lil' peacock

When we were thinking of what to name Vivienne, we had a list of a few names that we liked. On that list was what the potential nicknames would be because we had to love those too. You see, I abbreviate EVERYTHING. It's like the time when we were standing in line at a coffee house in Point Reyes, TONS of people around us. And I came up all sweet to Mitch, put my arms around him and said really loudly, CAN YOU GET ME A CHINO FOR THE ROAD? Translation = cappuccino. We still talk about how many shades of red his face got. I really didn't mean it that way, whatever way that means. It just sounds nasty doesn't it? Last night when we had a take-out rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods I ALMOST said, hey babe, the CHICK is ready! I stopped myself because I didn't want to endure another night of head shaking from Mitch. Seriously, it's bad sometimes. My friend Danni always used to crack up at the things I would just randomly abbreviate or find a nickname for. We'd be shopping and I would bust out with a language only she could decipher cause it was SO abbreviated or nicknamed. I can't help it. IT'S WHO I AM!

Here are a few names I call my little pookie: Viv, Vivienne, Vivi, boo, boo boo, lil peacock (her hair stands up in a little curl in the middle after a bath, it makes SENSE!), pook, pookie, pookilino, TOOTS!, monkey, moose, worm, wormy, alien (this one's retired), little lizard, monchhichi, clone, clonie (daddy clone), baby girl, stinky! (she loves that one), little hamhock, juicy loosie, dimple girl, V James, the other day, I'm not kidding you, Vivilino came out of my mouth. oh god.

I need to start narrowing it down so she stops responding to, "Hey TOOTS!" with a big cheese grin, like that's her ACTUAL name. I'm not really sure if she knows that Vivienne is her name because she equally loves "stinky!" or "SAMMY!!". I'm sure one day she will start the eye rolling thing that she will most definitely inherit from me, and give me a long exacerbated sigh, and tell me something like "My name is VIVIENNE, remember? You had them put it on my birth certificate?!" And I will respond with a big goofy grin and politely tell her that she will always be my stinky little pookie.

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