Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas (in parts)

So the Christmas celebrations have begun.  There will be 4 total celebrations (including our little time at home as well).  And while it's a lot of travel for us, it's such a fun time for Vivienne to be surrounded by all the people she loves -- it's crazy but Santa comes 4 TIMES.  Who knew?!  All kidding aside, the season has definitely kicked off, this time with Uma and Choo-Choo (my mom and step-dad).  We went to my Grandma and Poppa's house and celebrated a week early there.  It was a blast, even though Mitch and I are STILL fighting the cold from hell.  Seriously, it won't go away!  Here are a few pictures from Christmas #1, probably more to come when people email me some because I never take pictures at these things!

Lovebirds 2

Zio Leo

Uma and the girls

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