Saturday, December 11, 2010

Singing and dancing is AWESOME!

Giving Morton the Caterpillar some love

First she lifted the baby

Then she went for the book
Seriously, going to an activity is such a riot with Vivi these days.  Not only does she usually stand by the teacher most of the class as if she is demonstrating to the others how to do it, she is also making so many buddies lately by making her way right into the center of the circle, sitting down and helping herself to other kids toys (note tone of sarcasm).  It totally melted my heart though, when she recognized the giant caterpillar on the carpet at the library as the same one she has (stuffed) at home.  She loves her song "Morton the Caterpillar" as well, that we sing at home (from the album Do Fun Stuff -- get it, it rocks and it's for a good cause).  It was a win win situation.  Truly.

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