Sunday, January 9, 2011

16 months

Dear Vivienne,

It's been awhile since I've written a long note to you.  The holidays are over, and things have settled down and I finally have a little room to breathe and actually face just how big you have become.  You are massive Tootie.  Of course, you are off the charts big, but it's really hit me lately just how "big girl" you've gotten.  You love being a big girl.  Today we were cuddling on the couch and I had a flashback to over a year ago when we cuddled together on this very same couch -- you in all your under 10 pound glory, and me a brand new mommy.  Those moments seem like a lifetime ago and yet they come flooding back in so intensely that it feels like they just happened.  Laying there smelling your little peach fuzz head and watching your heart beat through your soft spot.  Feeling your breath move in and out so much faster than my own.  Listening to you gurgle and coo and toot as I nurse you back to sleep (while watching Dexter in the middle of the night).  Overwhelmed with the sense of absolute love and awe and responsibility. 

I love watching you race into your second year, ready to take on anything and everything in front of you.  You will always be my baby girl, my first born. 

I love you Vivi!


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