Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pictures by Viv

I know, I know, this is a little trite.  No my toddler can't take pictures on her own without a little help from Momma.  It's the most adorable thing though (of course) -- I "help" her hold my phone while she tries to see what she wants to "snap" and then she pushes the little camera button.  She completely understands the idea, as she should.  She's been the focus of my phone camera ever since she can remember.  This is her little pizza piece.  We've been doing a lot of cooking since Christmas (her Plan Toy kitchen from Uma is highly recommended by me!).  I love that the first thing Mitch said when I showed him his daughters artistic skill was, can we please Photoshop the white trash stains out of the rug first?  Haha.  No, dear husband, no.  It's all about building memories.  I think the picture of Sam is quite good.  Also, note the chubby little daddy cloned thumb WITH the identical white nail marks.  Gotta love genetics!

Enjoy xx

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